Original stores in Alkmaar

For years, Alkmaar has been in the top 10 of favourite Dutch shopping cities. In 2017, ZOOVER declared our city the nicest shopping city in the Netherlands. We understand why: we have enough addresses that you can feel free to walk around to.

Original stores in Alkmaar

Urbanista Shop

In the heart of the Old City you will find The Urbanista shop. Here you’re at the right place for bracelets, necklaces, fun gifts and accessories that work well in every living room or bedroom. What’s extra fun: you can even make a lot of jewellery yourself here.

Urbanista Shop | Hekelstraat 7


TwentyoneWood “men's city boutique” is not just a men's fashion store. This beautifully designed store focuses on men who have an eye for quality brands and for men's fashion trends. Above all, this balanced store is a pleasant retreat. Whether you’re here to quietly view the collection or have a chat while enjoying a nice cup of coffee from local espresso bar Roast: Twentyonewood offers it. In 2020, Twentyonewood also opened a "women's city boutique": a ladies' store!

Twendtyonewood | Ritsevoort 7

Summum Woman

Summum Woman is an internationally successful Amsterdam fashion label. The label stands for modern and feminine with an edgy twist. This fine store is located in the Koorstraat in an open and spacious building where the authenticity has been preserved.

Summum Woman | Koorstraat 65

Charlie & Sons

If you’re a man who wants to enjoy more relaxed shopping, then you should definitely go to Charlie & Sons. With this unique men’s boutique, you’ll always succeed in finding a complete outfit. So you’ll have time left over to have a nice lunch...

Charlie & Sons | Hekelstraat 29

Lou & Blue

In a short time, Lou & Blue has already become a household name in Alkmaar. In their large store you can go wild for your little one. The store is full of beautiful brands from size 50 to 146. You can also score the nicest gadgets, booklets or small gifts here.

Lou & Blue | Koorstaat 18


WAAR is the gift shop for unique, sustainable products. They sell a varied range of fashion and home accessories, food and books.

WAAR | Houttil 48

DAY Woman

DAY WOMAN strives for honest products that are made with attention and love. All items are tastefully presented. The customers have one thing in common; they love special, affordable clothing with radiance! Definitely the place for trendy women that demand style and originality!

DAY WOMAN | Fnidsen 76A

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