Museums in Alkmaar

Alkmaar has a large variety of museums, from the history of the city to music from back in the days. Here you can find an overview!

The big window

The two largest windows on mainland Europe? You’ll find them in Alkmaar. Yes, really. They are in the Grote Kerk, on the north and south sides of the imposing structure. These windows were once made of stained glass, but in the 17th or 18th century, they were sold due to financial difficulties. Currently, they have 'normal' glass. How fantastic would it be if the magical light of stained glass windows returned to the Grote Kerk? Good news: it’s going to happen. In 2023, the window on the south side will be replaced with a new stained glass window: The Great Window.

Location: Koorstraat 2, 1811 GP Alkmaar
Phone: +31 072 514 0707

Stedelijk museum

The history of Alkmaar comes to life at the Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar. It is the first stop for everyone who would like to discover and relive the history of the city. Visitors can experience five centuries of art and culture. The museum is located in the citycentre so you can easily make it part of your citytrip.The museum organizes many activities for adults and also for children throughout the year. Visit the website for more information.

Location: Canadaplein 1, 1811 KE Alkmaar 
Phone: 072 - 5489789

Dutch Cheesemuseum

The Dutch Cheesemuseum is located in the old Waagbuilding, in the citycentre of Alkmaar. In the museum you can see how dairy products were prepared in the past few centuries, the history of the trade, and the daily life in the countryside. The collection exists of historical objects, films, pictures and paintings. Visitors get a nice piece of cheese!

Location: Waagplein 2, 1811 JP Alkmaar
Phone: +31 (0)72 515 5516

The Beatles museum

You don't need to visit Liverpool to see The Beatles! A trip to Alkmaar is all you need, here you'll find the biggest Beatles museum in the world. Azing Moltmaker, a great fan of the British band,  has a large impressive collection of Beatles-items. 

Location: Pettemerstraat 12A, 1823 CW Alkmaar
Phone: 06 3830 5895

(Beer)Biermuseum De Boom

Beer has been the most popular alcoholic drink in Alkmaar and surroundings for the past thousands of years . But how is it made? Wat is malting and why is yeast so important? All this will be told in Biermuseum De Boom – after your visit, there is the opportunity to taste some of the beers. Enjoy!

Location: Houttil 1, 1811 JL Alkmaar
Phone: +31 (0)72-5113801


Museum In 't Houten huis

De Rijp is a village that lies in the middle of the province Noord-Holland. It became well known and prosperous in the 16th and 17th century because of its fishing industry, particualarly fishing for herring and whale. Many historical objects in the beautiful 18th century orphanage.Museum In 't Houten Huis gives a good overview of the rich history of the Schermereiland and his residents. 

Location: Tuingracht 13, De Rijp
Phone: +31 (0)299 671 286

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