Cheaply discover Alkmaar with the AlkmaarPas. Available at the VVV (tourist office) in the "Waaggebouw", with benefits at almost 300 partners in Alkmaar & surroundings. Find out more about the AlkmaarPas on this page.



With the AlkmaarPas, you’ll receive a discount at over 300 establishments in Alkmaar and the surrounding area. Upon showing the AlkmaarPas, you’ll receive a discount at several museums, stores, hospitality facilities, activities and much more.


Why an AlkmaarPas?

  • You'll receive a discount at many stores and restaurants in Alkmaar and surrounding area
  • You can visit several museums for free or with a discount
  • You'll receive a discount at boat or bike rentals and several activities
  • You can visit the theatre at a discount, go to the cinema or pool for free

Where to buy the AlkmaarPas?

The AlkmaarPas can be bought for €15 at the tourist office of Alkmaar in the Waag building.

When visiting one or multiple museums, receiving a discount at stores, lunchrooms, bars, restaurants and nice activities, the AlkmaarPas can easily be earned back.



Conditions of the AlkmaarPas

  • The AlkmaarPas is valid from January 1st 2022 to December 31st 2022
  • The AlkmaarPas is a personal item. When you use the pass, your ID may be requested
  • It's not possible to get a discount after the fact



Standard credits of AlkmaarPas

The AlkmaarPas is meant for residents and visitors of Alkmaar. There are a number of standard credits on the AlkmaarPas. For example, the pass has a free cinema ticket, a free entry ticket for the pool or ice skating rink and you have credits for a visit to the theatre. They scan your AlkmaarPas and remove this entry ticket.

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