Experience Alkmaar

Everything you can see and do in and around Alkmaar, our canals & monuments, the countryside. Discover Alkmaar by boat, by foot or bike!

Canals & Monuments

Do you enjoy walking through beautiful ancient towns? Read here how you can discover the historic town centre of Alkmaar and the surrounding areas.

Sailing in Alkmaar

Sailing through the canals of Alkmaar

From the water you can enjoy the best of what Alkmaar has to offer. Step in the tour-boat, rent a boat or a canoe or take a day trip by ship.


Discover the villages and polders of rural Alkmaar. Read all about the surrounding area of Alkmaar and what to do.

Cycling tour from Alkmaar

On the bicycle you can discover rural Alkmaar at its best. Rent a bike and explore the polders and villages, along the dunes and the sea.