Alkmaar Cycling routes

On this page you can find everything you need to know about cycling routes, bike rental and anything else you want to know about a cycling in and around Alkmaar

Cycling routes from Alkmaar

Alkmaar is surrounded by polders, nature, dunes and beach. No wonder, therefore, that the city is the starting point of so many beautiful cycling routes.

The routes lead you along the many cycling hubs that surround the areas around Alkmaar. From a short bike ride to the sea to a multi-day bike ride through Noord-Holland.

Rent a bike Alkmaar

Take your bikes with you on the car? No problem, but renting a bike is easier.

At Alkmaar Central Station (a good departure point for many different cycling routes) you can rent a bike at Stoop for as little as € 7.50 per day.

More bike rental locations Alkmaar:

E-bike rental Alkmaar

Explore the surrounding area of Alkmaar without getting tired? Rent an e-bike! In Alkmaar you can rent an e-bike at the following bicycle rental points:

Alkmaar and the surrounding areas

Villages, windmills, polders and sea. That sums up the Alkmaar countryside. Check the page about rural Alkmaar and discover the best things to see and do in this beautiful part of North Holland.

Walking and sailing in Alkmaar

More sports activities in Alkmaar? Discover the walking routes and possibilities for sailing!

Check here for walking routes and sailing in Alkmaar.