Visit the Cheese market of Alkmaar

All information about the Alkmaar cheese market, like how to get there, parking, opening hours, location and all other whereabouts, you'll find on this page. Because of the coronavirus, all events -included the cheesemarket- have been canceled until September 1.

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Cheese Market

When is the Cheese Market in Alkmaar?

The Cabinet's Corona measures have prompted the mayor and aldermen of Alkmaar to postpone the cheese markets. The 1st cheese market was scheduled for Friday March 27. 

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What do you see at the Cheese Market?

  • Cheese carriers carry the cheeses on barrows. On the cheese barrows they can carry up to 160 kilos of cheese!

  • The cheese is weighed at the Waaggebouw.

  • Traders and farmers negotiate the prices of the cheese.

  • 'Throwers' throw the cheese on wagons so they can be transported.

  • The cheese girls inform the visitors about the cheese and the ins and outs of the Cheese Market.


Parking Cheese Market

If you're coming by car, you can park in the Schelphoekgarage or Karpertongarage.

The Cheese Market for children

In the summer holiday there is a 'Children's Cheese Market', a special tour for children between the ages of 6 and 12. A guide tells the children about everything that can be seen here. At the end, they are allowed to go on the cheese scale and are given a prestigious weighing certificate. The Children's Cheese Market 2019 are on fridays from 19 July till 30 August from 10.30 and 11.00.

What else is there to do?

Stalls offering delicious cakes, art and natural cheese can be found around the Cheese Market. After the Cheese Market, organ concerts often take place in the Grote Kerk Alkmaar. Want to see more of Alkmaar? Take a city walk through the historic town centre.


where's the cheese market located?

The Cheese Market takes place on Waagplein, 15 minutes by foot from the train station (a beautiful walk through the Alkmaar town centre).



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Go by train? Take this special deal

You can also take advantage of the special deal if you travel by train: get an admission e-ticket to Cheese Museum and a day return train and tram ticket from any station in the Netherlands to Alkmaar Station. 

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Cheese Markets in the Netherlands

What is more Dutch than a Cheese Market? Edam, Hoorn, Gouda and Woerden have their own versions, but the Alkmaar Cheese Market is the oldest, biggest and most famous Cheese Market in the Netherlands.


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