Alkmaar has been in the Top 10 of Dutch shopping destinations for years. Here you can find all the information you need about shopping in Alkmaar.

Winkelen in Alkmaar

Always find what you are looking for in Alkmaar!

Fancy a day of shopping? Shopping with an historic backdrop. In the small, compact and accessible town centre you will find all the big chains, but also plenty of smaller boutique shops. Looking for nice gifts, clothes, care products, toys, books or shoes? You will find it all here! In Alkmaar, the shops are open 7 days a week.

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Shopping areas in Alkmaar


In the citycentre of Alkmaar you will find the big chain stores at ‘De Langestraat’ and ‘De Laat’, the large shoppingstreets of the city. In the more narrow streets nearby you will find smaller and local boutiqueshops. 

The Old city

Alkmaar has an old area called ‘The Old city’ which exists of the Fnidsen, Hekelstraat(street), De Appelsteeg (Apple alley) and De Mient. These streets were in the 19th century the centre of craftmanship. Nowadays you will find unique shops in these small caracteristic streets.


A footbridge in Alkmaar connects the citycentre and ‘Overstad’, a shopping area. Overstad has the largest home interior retailpark of the north of province North-Holland.

Shopping areas outside the city center

De Mare

In Shopping Center De Mare you always succeed. Of course, the well-known supermarkets and department stores are represented. But you can also go to a large number of local shops, each with its own face and their own offer.

De Hoef

De Hoef Shopping Center is a nice place to be. In addition to the supermarkets, there are many independent entrepreneurs in De Hoef shopping center that supply craftsmanship and service.

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