The history of the Alkmaar Cheese Market


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The Cheese Market in 1365
Almost 700 years ago, Alkmaar was already a cheese town. Based on historical records it appears that Alkmaar had a cheese scale in the year 1365. Talking about tradition!

1593 -  Cheese Carriers' Guild established
On 17 June 1593, the Alkmaar Cheese Carriers' Guild was established. For more than 400 years, the cheese carriers from the four different 'vemen' (groups) have been carrying out their work in its traditional form.

18th and 19th century – the Waagplein too small
Alkmaar's status as the cheese capital has become increasingly famous over the years and the cheese market became more popular. There were no less than four cheese markets a week, which lasted until one o'clock at night The Waagplein was gradually becoming too small for all the cheese. Markets were the economic engine in those days, so houses were sometimes demolished to increase market space.

The Second World War
During WWII, the cheese market was temporarily put on hold. For the first edition after the war, this video was made:

source: wikimedia

Cheese was still scarce, so mouths would water at the sight of so much cheese.