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When you visit Alkmaar, the Alkmaar Store is of course the starting point for your day out. The employees are happy to tell you what you absolutely should not miss when you visit the beautiful monumental cheese city.

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Visit the Alkmaar Store

Alkmaar Store / VVV Alkmaar is situated in the Waag, in the middle of the city centre of Alkmaar: Waagplein 2, 1811 JP Alkmaar

Phone number: 072 511 4284

Monday till Saturday: 9:30 – 17:00 hour
Sunday: 12:00 - 17:00 hour

Holidays: VVV Alkmaar is open during Eastern, Ascension and Pentecost. During Christmas, New years day and Kingsday the VVV Alkmaar is closed

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Alkmaars souvenirs and gifts

Looking for a special souvenir of Alkmaar? In the spacious shop on the Waagplein you will find an extensive range of Alkmaar souvenirs, regional products and gift vouchers. You can also buy tickets for the canal cruise, the Dutch Cheese Museum, the Stedelijk Museum and the bus. In addition to souvenirs and tickets, you will find an extensive range of printed matter from Alkmaar and the surrounding area, such as the City walk through Alkmaar.

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Walking and cycling

At VVV Alkmaar you will find many walks in the city and in the region. In addition, there are also several cycling maps available, varying in number of kilometers and area. Let one of the employees inform you. Read more about walking, cycling and boating in Alkmaar.

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You can buy the AlkmaarPas in the Alkmaar Store. You can buy the pass for €15 and it is valid all year round. Can't come visit us? Then the AlkmaarPas is also available online.

With the AlkmaarPas you get a discount at all kinds of shops, restaurants, museums and outings in Alkmaar and the surrounding area. There are also standard credits on the card, including a free cinema ticket, free entrance ticket to the swimming pool and ice rink and credit for Theater de Vest.

At VVV Alkmaar you get a 10% discount on souvenirs on scanning the pass. And you buy the booklet for the Alkmaar city walk for € 2.50 (normally € 3.50).

Website AlkmaarPas

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