Events in Alkmaar

Klim naar de hemel (Climb to heaven)

The big church in Alkmaar excists 500 years, this year we celebrate this anniversary in Alkmaar with shows, expositions and other events. One of those events is "Klim naar de hemel", a unique experience at high altitudes. From the first of May untill the first of August everyone is welcome to discover the view on top of the big church.

Early birds
The climb is daily opened from 11.00 till 16.00h. Every hour a maximum of 150 people can climb up. We recommend to quickly order your tickets because of the small capacity. You can order now for an early bird price. Early bird tickets cost €7,50 for adults during May. For children between the age of 1 and 5 tickets are €1,-.

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Cheesemarkets & night cheesemarkets 2018

Here you can find all the cheesemarkets!

Windmill season

On the 22nd of May 2018 the museum windmill excists 50 years, time to celebrate!

From that day there will be more to experience in the windmill because of the anniversary. There will be an exposition about its history, a picture puzzle tour for adults and a tour for the youth. The windmill located on the Noordervaart 2 in Schermerhorn is daily opened from 10.00 untill 17.30h and from the first of September untill 17.00h. 

Location: Museum windmill Schermerhorn
When: 26th of May 2018 
Entrance: Adults €4,-  Children under the age of 12  €2,50

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Kaeskoppenstad 2018

Travel through time in Alkmaar. Visit on Saturday the 2nd or Sunday the 3rd of June the Kaeskoppenstad festival and travel back to the year 1573. Hundreds of actors will show you how daily life in Alkmaar was, 445 years ago. You can walk the Kaeskoppenstad route through the oldest part of Alkmaar and enjoy the historic acts, there will be musicians, magicians, docters, firemen and much more.

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Location: Citycentre Alkmaar
Date: 2nd and 3rd of June

Alkmaar Pride

The last weekend of May is the beginning of the pink festival season! A long pink  weekend in the nicest city of North-Holland North. Stichting Alkmaar Pride organizes a variety of social activities and parties. The theme of this years Alkmaar Pride 2018 is Embrace.

Location: Bierkade, Alkmaar
When: 26th of May 2018 
Free entrance

Karavaan Festival

For ten days there will be Karavaan Festival in Alkmaar,  with its festivalheart on the Doelenveld (field) in Alkmaar. On this field there will be short performances, street theatre, live music and pop-up restaurant 'Tineke Kookt'. This year is a special edition of the festival because Karavaan excisits 25 years!

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Location: Doelenveld, Alkmaar
When: 1st of June- 10th of June 2018

Photographer: Rick Akkerman


Festival KUUB

Local artists, artlovers and cultural organizations make Alkmaar’s heart beat faster at Festival KUUB. Imagine a place where different people, young, old, individuals and groups come together. Festival Kuub  will transform the historical city into a platform for tradition, innovation,  cultural artists, talent development and co-creation.

Location: City centre of Alkmaar 
When: 15th- 16th of June 2018
Free entrance

Live Concerts on the Lindegracht

Enjoy live music at a great ambiance located at the Lindegracht canal in the centre of Alkmaar.

When: the 24th of July, the 7th of August and the 14th of August
Location: Lindegracht
Admission: Free

Eten op rolletjes (Foodtruck festival)

Eten op Rolletjes will be back in Alkmaar for the second edition from the 8th till the 10th of June 2018.

Come picknick with friends and family at the festival and enjoy the small bites and different flavours at one of the many rolling kitchens! Meet new people at the large wooden tables, join different activities and  listen to live music or DJ's.  Also for Vegetarians and Vegans there is a wide range to choose from. 

Entry & Opening hours
The entree of the festival is totally free, you do pay once for an eco-friendly glass . The entrance of the festival is at the Helderseweg 28, there is a lack of parking lots so we do reccommend to come by bike, by foot or public transport. The kitchens are open on Friday from 16.00h till 23.00h, on Saturday from 13.00h till 23.00h and on Sunday from 13.00h till 22.00h.

At the festival you can only pay with festival coins, you can buy these coins at the cash- desk with your bankcard or cash money. If you still have coins left at the end of the festival it's not possible to bring them back, you can however use the coins at other festivals.

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Location: Gasfabriek Alkmaar 
Genre:Food, Music, Activities for everyone

Foto: Erna Faust

Alkmaar TAPT Festival

Is Alkmaar ready? We think so! On Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd June TAPT will land in the Paardenmarkt in Alkmaar. Expect a lot of specialty beer from home and abroad, delicious food, games, the best artists and hilarious entertainment. Because Alkmaar TAPT is besides a special beer festival, especially a party!

When: Friday the 22nd and Saturday the 23rd of June
Location: Paardenmarkt
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