Cropped canal plane, Mallegatsplein at the police station at the jetty.

Waste water collection point Pleasure boat (free):
Access code available via telephone on +31 725200014.

The waste water collection point is not intended for oil retaining waste water or bilge water.



fuel for your boat is available at the following locations:

HGA petrol station, Pettemerstraat 45, +31 725110761.
All fuel is provided in a jerrycan.
Gas bottles can be filled between 8 am - 9 pm.
Open: Monday-Saturday 7 am - 10 pm , Sunday 9 am – 9 pm

Oil trader Zonneveld, Limmen, +31 725053808 of +31 653403378.
White diesel oil from 150 litres per tank car.
Open Monday to Friday during office hours.

Marina ARZV, Alkmaardermeer, +31 251313920.
Fuel pump on the water: Euro 95 and Diesel.
Maximum depth 1.80 metres
14 April -  21 October, Monday to Sunday 9 am -12.30 pm and 1.30 pm - 5 pm
22 October to 30 November Monday to Thursday 9 am -12.30 pm and 1.30 pm -5 pm.

Camping shop Roobeek, Laat 88, +31 725112278.
For blue and green gas bottles. (other necessities for water tourism available!) 

Harbour Library

Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the amount of magazines and books available for use in the sanitary space, please return on departure!

Free Wi-Fi in the centre of Alkmaar

The network can be found under the name of Free Wifi @ Alkmaar. No password required.

Drinking water

Berths Centrumgrachten: Luttik Oudorp,
Drinking water: Accijnstoren, Bierkade no. 26 and Voormeer wharf

Berths Centrum Oost, Noordhollands Kanaal
Drinking water: Accijnstoren, Bierkade no. 26 and Voormeer wharf

Berths Centrum Noord, Noordhollands Kanaal
Drinking water: city offices Mallegatsplein, the drinking water dispensers are at the head of the police station

The blue water dispensers offer drinking water for the price of € 0.50 / 100 litres.
The gray water dispensers (Kanaalkade and Voormeer Wharf) provide 1000 litres for a deposit of € 2.00 (possible deposit: € 0.10; € 0.20; € 0.50; € 1.00; € 2.00). This price includes 6% VAT

Household waste

Special request: Keep the canals clean, do not leave your garbage in the street or in the parking areas, or in the trash can. You can put your household waste in sealed bags in the underground dirt containers: Code available via port service, telephone +31 725200014. Use underground container: Press start, enter code, Press gate, open valve!

Berths Centrumgrachten: Luttik Oudorp, Waagplein, Voordam, Zijdam:
Underground container: 15 Bierkade

Berths Centrum Oost, Noordhollands Kanaal:
Underground container bij Turfmarktbrug

Berths Centrum Noord, Noordhollands Kanaal:
Underground container: 4B Gedempte Nieuwesloot

Berths Afgesneden Kanaalvak:
Underground container: 131 Kanaalkade

Other waste, including glass, paper, plastic, you can take to the household waste site at Paardenmarkt and corner of the Vondelstraat / Hoofdstraat.

Toilets and showers

Berths Centrumgrachten: Luttik Oudorp, Waagplein, Voordam, Zijdam:
Showers and toilets: Sanitary space Voormeer 200 (apartment complex)
Berths Centrum Oost, Noordhollands Kanaal, Turfhaven 
apartment complex
Berths Centrum Noord, Noordhollands Kanaal
Showers and toilets: Stadskantoor Mallegatsplein, opposite entrance police station

Access to toilets and showers via a code lock. The code is available from the port authority, telephone: +31 725200014. Price for a shower is € 0,50. Just put a € 0,50 coin in the slot and you will have 4 minutes of hot water. (Imposing a break is possible in the sanitary area Voormeer)

Washing machine/Dryer

Sanitary area Voormeer 200, industrial washing machine and dryer. Coins (€ 5,- a piece) available at the port services, including washing powder.


For your daily groceries, visit one of four supermarkets in the centre of Alkmaar.

- Jumbo, 2 Paardenmarkt (close to Kanaalkade)
- Spar, 2-4 Korte Vondelstraat
- Lidl, 6 Geert Groteplein 6
- Spar Express (nightshop) 14 Dijk (close to Kanaalkade)
​- Ekoplaza, 3 Hofplein 3
- Aldi, 19 Oosterwezenstraat 19

(These, and other shops, can all be found on the free Alkmaar App, download it now!)

On Saturday there is a market at the Gedempte Nieuwesloot in the centre of Alkmaar, near the Kanaalkade.