Maximum height at Kanaalpeil (= NAP- 50cm). Information on current water levels can be obtained from the Tesselsebrug bridge operator phonenumber: +31 725117135.

- *Friesebrug ± 4.08m
- Noorderbrug 3 m (fixed)
- *Ringersbrug ± 3.47m
- *Tesselsebrug ± 3.13m (fixed)
- *Victoriebrug
- Spoorbrug ± 3.18m
- *Huiswaarderbrug ± 6.00m (fixed)
- *Vlielandbrug ± 3.00m
- *Koedijkervlotbrug 0.00m
- *Rekervlotbrug 0.00m
- Leeghwaterbrug 4.73m
- Kraspolderbrug 3.03m
- *Nelson Mandelabrug 4.70m

All Alkmaar bridges marked with an asterisk (*) are operated by the bridge operator of the Tessels bridge. He or she will also be able to tell you the current water levels in Alkmaar.

Bridge operator Tessels Bridge: phonenumber: +31 725117135 or call via the VHF channel 20. If you do not have a mariphone on board, you can alert a number of bridges in Alkmaar via pushbuttons.

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