Bede-vaart: A unique Art route

From the 24th of June till the 9th of September there will be a special artmanifest at the Bolwerk. Statues and other pieces of art from twelve artists will decorate the citycenter of Alkmaar.

A snail shell shaped chappel, an almost three meters high cedar statue of a woman, a blessed Micky Mouse-statue and a miracle of Saint Haab are examples of what to expect during this route. 

Anniversary and the Stairway to Heaven
The Art Route Bede-vaart is part of the 500 year anniversary of the Great church in Alkmaar and therefore the route will end at this church. Another large event, organized to celebrate this anniversary, is the Stairway to Heaven. A unique experience at high altitudes! For more information about the stairway click on the button below.

Art Library
Would you like to have a piece of art yourself? Come to the Art Library at the Bergerweg (road). You can borrow art from €7,50 a month.  

For more information about Bedevaart and the Art collection you can call the number below or send an email. 

Bergerweg 1
                1815 AC  Alkmaar
Phone:    072 511 32 94

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