Walk through the Alkmaar town centre

Do you enjoy walking through beautiful ancient towns? Read here how you can discover the historic town centre of Alkmaar and the surrounding areas.

Brug Alkmaar

Walk through the Alkmaar town centre

The house with 'the bullet', the courtyards, the richly decorated facades. In Alkmaar you will find more than 400 monuments. They all tell their own story. The easiest way to discover the secrets of Alkmaar is on foot.

Follow, with or without a guide, one of the walking routes through the old town centre and let yourself be swept away in its beauty. Would you like to take a rest? Along the way you will find cosy little squares with terraces everywhere!

Panden Alkmaar

History of Alkmaar

"In Alkmaar begins the victory." It is a well-known statement, which originated in the Eighty Years' War. The brave people of Alkmaar ...

In 1573, the courageous people of Alkmaar, the first Dutch town to do so, managed to expel the Spanish army by throwing boiling tar and burning branches from the city walls. It is one of the many glorious moments of Alkmaar's rich history.

Discover a real Alkmaar tressure: Inner Courts (Hofjes)

Alkmaar has no less than eight courtyards, most of which are still inhabited. It's as though time has stood still here. The Alkmaar courtyards are an oasis of peace, in the middle of the town. Some people call the courtyards the best kept secret of Alkmaar.

Walk of history

Five luminous tiles that portray a thousand years of Alkmaar history. That's the Walk of History in the Langestraat.

Harbours of Alkmaar

Are you in Noord-Holland on a cruise vacation, then Alkmaar is highly recommended. The Alkmaar canals are ideal mooring spots, equipped with all the amenities for water tourists.

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