Cycling routes in Alkmaar and its surroundings

Discover the sights of the Alkmaar area by bike! On this page, you’ll read all about cycling routes, renting bicycles and everything else you will want to know about a day of cycling, starting from Alkmaar

Cycling routes starting from Alkmaar

Alkmaar is surrounded by polders, nature, dunes and beach. No wonder that the city is the starting point for so many beautiful cycling routes. The routes lead you past the many cycling junctions in the area of Alkmaar. From a short bike ride to the sea to a bike ride through the beautiful countryside with the villages De Rijp, De Schermer and Graft. Discover how surprising Alkmaar and its surroundings are.

Zee, Kunst & Cultuur (the sea, art & culture)

Get on your bike and discover the gems of Alkmaar, Bergen, Egmond and Heiloo. It’s a journey of 43 km through both small and large discoveries, from past and present. From the historic city centre of Alkmaar to a beautiful artists' village on the coast. From a monastery to a castle ruin and a beautiful museum.


You’ll experience the beauty and grandeur of De Schermer and the World Heritage De Beemster. On this 47-kilometre journey, you’ll pass by the World Heritage Site “De Stelling van Amsterdam”, visit the birth village of Jan Leeghwater (De Rijp), the windmills and many traditional farmhouses.

Haring en Henneproute

The 24-kilometre-long Haring and Hemp cycling route takes you past all the historic sights of the former Schermer Island. It tells about the “fight against the water”, the rich maritime history and the draining of the surrounding inland seas, Beemster and Schermer.

Cycling routes in the Alkmaar region

The Alkmaar region is a treasure chest full of stories and attractions, and it makes all the routes available, free of charge, via the AbelLife app. Below you will find 6 of these routes.

Bollen en Duinroute

Cycle route past bulbs, forests and dunes

This 40-kilometre cycling route goes through bulb country and the natural dune area between Egmond and Castricum. Here, in the bulb season (April / May), you’ll cycle along a colourful patchwork of bulb fields, but even in the other months this route is more than worth it. Along the way, you will pass Castricum past the archaeological centre Huis van Hilde, the Adelbertusakker van Egmond Binnen and the ruins of the counts of Egmont -- worth getting off your bike for!

Brede Duinenroute

Cycling along the sea and through woods, dunes and polder

This 35-kilometre cycling route goes through the beautiful dune and forest area of the Schoorlse Duinen to the Hondsbossche Zeewering and through the green pasture area between Bergen and Alkmaar. An area to clear your head and enjoy all the beautiful things. Inhale the salty sea air. Along the way you’ll pass beautiful architecture, art and wonderful nature.


around the Alkmaardermeer and Uitgeestermeer

You’ll cycle 41 kilometres along the whipping waters of the only large lake that was not drained during the Golden Age. Along the way, you’ll pass five ferries, and with two of the ferries you go across yourself by turning a winch. In the wetter peat land, the many meadow birds make themselves heard, loudly, and from the rink dykes you can look down onto the low-lying polder. There are small museums and restaurants in the picturesque villages.


De Beemster, De Schermer en De Eilandspolder

Cycling 44 kilometres below sea level along the bottom ground, over the dykes and along the canals and mills of the most unique reclamation sites of the Golden Age: De Schermer and De Beemster. An island lay between these lakes. It is now known as De Eilandspolder nature reserve, with beautiful villages such as De Rijp, Driehuizen and Schermerhorn. The route is named after Jan Adriaanszoon Leeghwater, who was born here.


Rondom Alkmaarroute

along the beach wall to Broekerveiling and Bedevaartsoord

The northern route (28 km) goes to the villages of Langedijk and “het Rijk der Duizend Eilanden” (the Kingdom of a Thousand Islands). Originally there were around 15,000 islands where vegetables were grown. The southern route (21 km) goes through the wooded areas and Landgoed Nijenburg to Heiloo. You’ll cycle to the pilgrimage site “Onze Lieve Vrouwe ter Nood” (our Lady in Need), and from there you’ll have a beautiful view of the beach plain and the dunes.


past traditional farmhouses in Heerhugowaard

The “pyramid of the polder”, as the “stolp”, or this type of traditional farmhouse, is also called, is a unique icon in the North Holland landscape. There are still 174 in Heerhugowaard. On this 22-kilometre bicycle tour, you’ll pass many traditional farmhouses that are either completely or at least partially authentic, rebuilt or newly built. Along the way, we’ll explain how they came about and why they fit so well into the landscape.



Westfriese Omgringdijkroute

Fancy an extra-long route? The West Frisian Omgringdijk route is 142 kilometres long. You can also split the route up over several days. And then spend the night in Alkmaar, for example.

The route goes along the IJsselmeer and Markermeer, and through various cities and villages. Along the way there are plenty of sights that you can stop to see.

Charging points e-bike

If you’re going to cycle a longer route, you’ll of course want the battery of your electric bicycle to last. Click here to find all of the charging points for your electric bicycle.

You can also take a break at many of the points!

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