5 x Sightseeing from the canals

When visiting Alkmaar, don't forget to take a boattour. Discover the city from the canals, look at it from a different angle!

Huis met de kogel (House with the canonball)

The “Huis met de kogel” is one of the best known houses of Alkmaar. This house has this name due to the canonball that flew through the house when the Spaniards tried to invase the city. The “Huis met de kogel” is also one of the last two houses made of wood in Alkmaar. It’s definitely worth the effort to take a picture.

Waaggebouw (Waagbuilding)

Say cheese, say Alkmaar. Alkmaar is known for its traditional old Cheese markets at the Waagplein and the iconic Waaggebouw. Nowadays the Cheesemuseum and the Alkmaar Tourist information office (VVV) are located in that building but from the end of March till the end of September a part of the building is still being used for the Cheese markets on Friday. A nice place to visit for the whole family.

Accijnstoren (Tower)

400 years ago this was the most important building in Alkmaar. This building was used as a taxhouse for all the goods that came into the city. Nowadays this tower is still in a beatifull state and it’s one of the main buildings that can be seen from the water.

Molen (Windmill) van Piet

You can see this eyecatcher from miles away. The molen of Groot, or how the locals like to call it “Molen van Piet”, is owned by the family Piet for four generations. This miller is still grinding grain. From the water you can find the perfect angle for a great picture.

Sint Josephkerk (Church)

The Sint Josephkerk, the little brother of the Grote kerk(Big church), has a beautiful location and is easy to see from the water. It is also possible to dock the boat at Bolwerk Park and take a closer look at the Sint-Josephkerk.