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Cheese Markets

What is more Dutch than a traditional Cheese Market? Alkmaar has the most famous, biggest and oldest one!



There is always something happening in Alkmaar. Check our event page to see which event you can't miss out during your visit!

Enjoy historic Alkmaar

Want to find out everything about the citycentre of Alkmaar? Discover the best spots in Alkmaar during a walk through town, alone or with a guide.

The History of Alkmaar

Alkmaar has a rich history. Curious about the history of Alkmaar? Read more about it on this page.


Plan your visit

Are you planning to visit Alkmaar? Make sure you know everything about accessibility and parking in Alkmaar.


Discover Alkmaar

Besides the Cheese Market and events, Alkmaar has a lot of sightseeing to offer such as inner courts, museums, canals, shopping and ofcourse the historic buildings.


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